Children must be taught "HOW TO THINK" Instead of "what to think"

Adopting the "Learn to Think" approach

Focused on providing multi culture experience

Focused on individual needs and abilities

Inculcate learning by travelling through different studios

Offering exposure to world art through different techniques

Designed to unleash the music potential of your child

Ensured to provide abuse free and safe environment

Our Pedagogy – Litera Vide

We bring the world to your child to see, experience, understand, know and enjoy. Seeing and experiencing is key for child development. We target meaningful experience so that children know and understand the world around them.

At MLWP children travel through different learning studios to evolve as incidental learners:

An entry for our parents, children and visitors. The lounge depicts International experience through the walls to the ceiling.

Agora was the market place in ancient Greece. Activities like free play, indoor play, outdoor play are conducted to bring in the communication and community interaction at Agora.

A studio for concept themes to be learnt, across grades. This will be a place for introduction, recapitulation of the theme.

Language sessions, talk time, reading time, Hindi, French language sessions are doen in this studio.

A studio space to explore math concepts, both incidentally and experientially.

A studio designed to promote creativity; where imagination becomes reality through our art program. From being rhythmic while singing to creating tonal patterns, our children have fun throughout the music program.